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Head Radical Tour CO Pickleball Paddle (2022)

Head Radical Tour CO Pickleball Paddle (2022)

Manufacturer #: 226012
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The Radical Tour CO Pickleball Paddle receives several upgrades, with the most significant being the addition of new SpinOn technology. This new texture allows for maximum spin on all shots. Perfect for players who want to produce both topspin and underspin. HEAD also improved the sweet spot and response with this paddle, while still allowing players to generate additional power across the entire surface. The Radical Tour CO Paddle is hard on opponents while keeping the feel of impact dampened for its user. Excellent feel lets players develop a well-balanced approach to their pickleball game.


  • Sport:  Pickleball
  • Length:  16"
  • Beam Width:  15 mm
  • Weight:  230g/(8.1 oz.)
  • Colors:  Black
  • Composition/Construction:  Composite Surface/Polymer Core
  • Handle Technology:  HydroSorb Pro
  • Grip Type:  Grip Size - 4 1/8"
  • Misc:  USAPA Approved

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