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Nomex Core

Nomex Core Pickleball Paddles

Manufacturers started utilizing Nomex in pickleball paddles because of its durability and power. Nomex core pickleball paddles are often preferred by high-level advanced pickleball players because they absorb less force than polymer core paddles, allowing energy to return to the ball more quickly. Nomex pickleball paddles are some of the loudest pickleball paddles and will provide that classic "dinking" sound you hear on the pickleball court. Because of how loud they can be, these advanced pickleball paddles may not be useful indoors or in noise-restrictive areas. However, if you can handle the raucous noise, there isn’t a better paddle available for those who prefer to play with tenacity. Which pickleball paddle is best for you? Check out our Pickleball Paddle Guide.


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