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Pickleball Shoes for Kids

Pickleball shoes are purpose-built for the sport and protect kids’ growing feet. Youth pickleball shoes offer stability and support the lateral movement that is integral to the sport. Kids’ pickleball shoes are sturdier and slightly heavier than running shoes, which are designed for forward, heel-to-toe movement, much like walking shoes. The sturdy, stable construction of pickleball shoes reinforce the quick side-to-side transitions that are the hallmark of the court sports. 

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The proper shoes allow you to move more steadily on pickleball courts, thereby reducing the risk of injuries such as rolled ankles, and further, they are better able to absorb shock from pounding back and forth as you reach for those serves and volleys . Pickleball shoes are safer for your body because of their shock absorption, which helps lessen the likelihood of experiencing discomfort in your feet, knees, and lower back. Fromuth is proud to carry an array of youth court shoes, keeping your kiddos safe.