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DC Pickleball Team

Fromuth Pickleball is the Official Retail Partner of MLP

DC Pickleball Team Logo

The DC Pickleball Team is a Premier level Major League Pickleball team, owned by Odell Beckham Jr., Al Tylis, Sam Porter, Eva Longoria, Justin Verlander, Mesut Ӧzil, Kate Upton, Shawn Marion, Adam Behnke, and Rip Hamilton. The 2023 roster features Riley Newman, Jackie Kawamoto, Jade Kawamoto, and Christian Alshon. For the 2023 MLP season, the DC Pickleball Team announced AARP as its first-ever Front of Jersey Sponsor. This partnership will focus on engaging the local community and using professional pickleball as a way to inspire healthy living and social connection. Shop official MLP and DC Pickleball Team gear online now.

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