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5 Ways To Recover Faster After Playing Pickleball

August 11, 2022

Knowing five of the best ways to recover faster after playing pickleball provides you some much-needed relief after an active day on the courts.

Playing pickleball for a few hours activates virtually every muscle in your body. You are constantly on the move from the waist down, dashing around the court to hold your ground on defense. From the waist up, you are trying to pinpoint the most precise shots to score. 

You might not notice any pain after you’re done for the day, especially if you’re in high spirits after playing well. However, you might be singing a different tune come the next morning. These five ways to recover faster after playing pickleball will get you back on the court sooner. 

Keep Rollin’ 

Although it may be a struggle to even roll out of bed if you had a vigorous day on the court, you must get up and stay active. One way to do that is a low-impact exercise with resistance bands and foam rollers.

Resistance bands are lovely because they don’t put as much pressure on your joints as lifting weights. Bands give you an extra nudge when stretching, giving you more strength and durability. 

You can benefit from foam rollers because they relieve any trigger points, relaxing your muscles. The initial rolls you do on a foam roller may hurt, but the temporary pain is worth the long-term benefits of a relaxed body. 

Nutritional Supplements 

If you find yourself lethargic, aching or experiencing other complications after a pickleball session, it may be worth exploring supplements to give your body additional nourishment. One pill may help you overcome these challenges and continue playing without experiencing unwanted side effects. 

Massage Equipment

The pain you are experiencing may be so debilitating that working out or bending over isn’t in the cards for you currently. Investing in massage equipment is the best way to limber up without exerting too much energy. 

Putting a massage machine to the knotted area can eliminate the achiness any muscle tension gives you. You can find athletes using this equipment on the sideline, especially to combat cramping. 

Jump Around

Jumping on a small trampoline is a fun way to loosen up after a competitive matchup. The term “rebounding” isn’t always what players do in the NBA, but rather what astronauts did after returning from space in the 1980s.

While you aren’t re-entering the Earth’s atmosphere, your body still goes through the wringer when playing pickleball. Therefore, several small, continuous jumps will help recalibrate your body.

Hydration Station

There’s one critical aspect of recovering from playing pickleball that you need to do before, during, and after a series of matches: hydrate. You can become dehydrated in a flash, so keep pumping those electrolytes

These five ways to recover faster after playing pickleball do wonders for your body, allowing you to play the game longer and comfortably for years. Once you’re ready to go from baseline to baseline, you can get items from Fromuth’s pickleball store. We are proud to have all the top name brands, including CRBN, Babolat, JOOLA, Lotto Sport, Selkirk, and more.

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