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We've temporarily removed our CRBN Pickleball Paddle inventory from our website due to an investigation of paddle non-compliance by USA Pickleball. If you've recently purchased a CRBN paddle from and would like to speak with someone about a refund or return, please contact us at or call 610-894-7060. Thank you for your patience during this unfortunate situation.

A Message from Garrett Gosselin, Owner and Founder of CRBN Pickleball: (As of May 20, 2022)

We appreciate the continued patience and support. I know many of you are eagerly waiting for updates and progress on reapproval. Progress is happening but slower than we had hoped. Here is where we’re at. We had a productive meeting with the USAP and now better understand what reapproval entails. In a previous statement, we made mention of the potential for immediate reapproval of Gen 1 and Gen 2 paddles. After much deliberation, we have made the difficult decision to postpone (indefinitely for now) that battle even though we are confident that the majority of all CRBN Paddles in circulation are compliant and that the roughness issues were isolated to a single batch. The USAP made it clear that they weren’t willing to reinstate Gen 1 or Gen 2 unless there was 100% guaranteed compliance–meaning if a single paddle tested out of compliance, this ban process would start all over again, which is a risk we aren’t willing to take. I’m sure many of you like us might question a 100% compliance requirement given the inherent variability of Starrett Meter roughness testing and the variability of paddle surfaces, but frankly, that doesn’t matter at this point since our priority is to get all subsequent batches approved as fast as possible.

As a small privately owned business, we don’t have the bandwidth or capital to protest those decisions while simultaneously working towards getting future paddles approved. Instead, we have put our complete focus on getting our next batch of paddles added to the approved list. We are confident this is the best path forward for our customers and for our business. It is the fastest way to get our athletes and customers playing with CRBN in tournaments.

Improved quality assurance procedures are already in place and from this point forward, each new paddle will be serialized for better lot traceability. We have already completed our new batch and are working as quickly as possible to get them in the hands of USAP officials for review. They have assured us a swift path towards approval of this batch and ongoing batches provided they meet all compliance requirements. We are confident they will.

Here is where that leaves you as a CRBN paddle owner. Please remember this situation is fluid so these options may change depending on the situation.

1. If you are a recreational player who doesn’t play in sanctioned tournaments, you are 100% allowed to play with your CRBN Paddle, and we would appreciate your support and willingness to keep your paddle. Roughness issues affected a tiny percentage of paddles from our most recent batch, so it is very unlikely yours is out of compliance. That information is important to remember and convey to anyone who questions the legality of your paddle in rec play.

2. If you are a tournament player, we are working as fast as possible to get our new batch of paddles reinstated. We will have various options for you. We will outline what those will be as soon as we get confirmation of reapproval and can move forward shipping the new batch of paddles. Tentatively, we are hoping we can get reapproval in the next few weeks and will have approved paddles available for distribution by the end of the month or early June at the latest.

We understand that this timeline is not ideal and that this ban has put many of you in a bind. For that we’re very sorry. We never expected something like this to happen the way that it did. This situation is unprecedented, but rest assured, we will do whatever it takes to overcome it. We are working all day and night to make this right for each and every one of you.

Sincerely, Garrett Gosselin

What Fromuth Pickleball Is Offering Our Customers:

  • - Fromuth will accept all returns of CRBN paddles for a full refund for paddles purchased on or after March 29, 2022
  • - If your paddle was purchased prior to March 29, please contact CRBN directly: Email or call 949-409-1091
  • - We're expecting new inventory of approved CRBN paddles soon. If you purchased your paddle after March 29 and would prefer to wait for a replacement, you may do so.
  • - We'll email our customers as soon as new paddles have arrived.