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Gearbox Pro Power Elongated Pickleball Paddle

Manufacturer #: 1PROEP1-2

Gearbox Pro Power Elongated Pickleball Paddle

Manufacturer #: 1PROEP1-1
Color: PurpleBlack

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The Gearbox Pro Power Elongated Pickleball Paddle is an innovative breakthrough for pickleball enthusiasts who crave unmatched power and precision. Engineered with new patent-pending technologies for a next level performance, this paddle's elongated shape extends your reach and amplifies spin potential, allowing you to dominate your opponent with every swing. Its SSTCore™ ensures efficient energy transfer, while the Power Matrix stores and releases that explosive power with finesse. With the Pro Power Intelligent Sweet Spot, you'll experience a winning combination of strength, power, and sheer excitement, making it the ultimate choice for players who are focused on the win. Its quiet sound will keep your opponent on edge as they try to decipher the sound of your winning shot.

SSTCore Technology: At the heart of the Pro Series is Gearbox’s renowned patent (US 10377093) Solid Span Technology (SST).  SSTCore™ describes a carbon fiber framework formed with a parallel carbon fiber rib core and impact resistant face layers for durability. SSTCore™ is an advanced energy-transfer mechanism, engineered to effectively capture and amplify energy for an explosive and responsive performance on the court.

Power Matrix Technology: Patent-pending Power Matrix magnifies SSTCore’s energy transfer, boosting power efficiency from the core to face to deliver unmatched, explosive power on demand and redefining power performance.

TXR Surface Grip Technology: Experience a spin revolution with TXR Surface Grip, this new patent-pending texture application technology catapults spin rate levels and unlocks incredible ball grip, allowing you to effortlessly shape and spin the ball.

Elongated Shape Benefits: A great shape for those looking for extended reach and power. The elongated paddle, coupled with the extended handle, serves as a smooth transition paddle for tennis players due to its overall length and familiar grip. The benefits of elongated pickleball paddles include more reach, more power, enhanced spin, speed, and comfort.


  • Manufacturer #:  1PROEP1
  • Colors:  Black/Gold
  • Paddle Thickness:  14mm
  • Composition/Construction:  TXR Surface Grip (cured textured surface ply), SST Polypropylene Core
  • Paddle Width:  7 3/8"
  • Head Length:  11"
  • Grip Circumference:  4"
  • Handle Length:  5.5"
  • Paddle Length:  16.5"
  • Technology:  Power Matrix, SSTCore™ Technology, TXR Surface Grip, Precision Core, Smart Dampen Technology, Flexplay, Quiet Tech Sound Technology
  • Misc:  USA Pickleball Approved
  • Player Type:  Advanced
  • Shape:  E (Elongated Shape)
  • Sport:  Pickleball
  • Warranty:  1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects, defective materials, and workmanship

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