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Start Rite Grip Trainer (12x)

Manufacturer #: TASRG

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The Start Rite Grip Trainer is a teaching must-have! Help your students get a feel for the continental and other grips in minutes. Tennis lessons just got a whole lot more effective! Attaches to grip quickly and easily. Does not make grip size feel larger. Very durable!

What can the Grip Trainer do for you?

  • Train the hand to use the continental grip.
  • Eliminate instructor frustration teaching the continental grip.
  • Hold the racquet properly by separating the index and middle finger.
  • Grip the racquet handle the proper height without choking-up.
  • Help adjust the forehand grip from full-western to semi-western.


  • Manufacturer #:  TASRG
  • Colors:  Black/White
  • Size:  One Size
  • Materials:  Adjustable Velcro/Plastic
  • Misc:  Instructions Included
  • Sport:  Pickleball

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