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Replacing Your Pickleball Paddle Grip

May 31, 2022

Taking care of your paddle grip isn't too hard. But with time, your grip loses that authentic, fresh feeling. Shop Fromuth Pickleball for the best selection of pickleball paddle grips.

Taking care of your paddle grip isn’t too hard. You can clean it with a microfiber cloth and use a towel to keep sweat off. But let’s be honest— with time, your grip isn’t going to cut it anymore. It gets used up and loses that authentic, fresh feeling like the day you got it. Whether it’s the stock grip on the paddle or a replacement grip, or an added overgrip, every player needs to make changes at some point in time. 

Picking out a replacement grip doesn’t need to be hard. At Fromuth Pickleball, we stock a variety of pickleball paddle grips and provide the best options for our most passionate players. But first, let’s talk about why you might want to replace your paddle grip.

Reason 1: It doesn’t feel like it used to.

It’s no surprise that grips are able to be worn down given how often you’re holding onto them. It’s their purpose, after all. But with that comes the wear and tear, especially when the games get intense. If your grip is losing that textured feel you fell in love with the day you got it, then it’s probably time to find a replacement that makes you feel the same way again. No player should be thinking about their worn-out grip in the middle of their play. A new grip can give you back the tack you love (or an even better experience).

Reason 2: Your grip is getting sweaty.

When your grip starts taking on sweat and doesn’t keep it off the surface, it can make it harder to hold onto your paddle and mess up your form. New, quality grips are sweat-absorbing and help keep the moisture out from underneath your hands, allowing you to stay focused without worrying about the grip sliding around during those switches between forehand and backhand. 

Reason 3: You love the paddle face, but not the grip.

Look, even great paddles have some shortcomings. Maybe everything else about it is perfect— except the grip. The good news is that you have plenty of different options in tackiness, firmness, pattern, and function with replacement grips and overgrips. You can find the one that suits you the best and use that instead, making your paddle the paddle you’ve always wanted. You should get the best value and experience out of your paddle, don’t settle for second best.

Reason 4: You want a fresh look for your gear.

Part of the fun in pickleball is looking good on the court. For pickleball, it’s why paddles have such unique designs, taking advantage of the full face construction to add some extra flair to the sport. Everyone wants something different, and why not apply that to your grip? With tons of different colors and designs, you can bring out to the court a complete look from head to toe. No need to compromise when it comes to bringing out the best of your appearance.

Now with so many options, it may feel overwhelming. But we got your back. Here at Fromuth, we took a sample of what we thought are the best aftermarket grip brands, making the decision process easier. But first, let’s differentiate Dry Tac and Hi Tac-style grips.

What’s the difference between Dry Tac and Hi Tac?

Essentially, it’s all about how much tack you’re comfortable with, which is responsible for the paddle grip feeling more secure in your hand during play. With Dry Tac, you get a grip profile that will absorb sweat, stay dry longer, and can get tackier with an increase in moisture. Meanwhile, Hi Tac is very tacky from the get-go, however, when it gets wet, it can become slippery. 

Top Picks for Pickleball Paddle Grips:

#1: Tourna Dry Tac: Tourna’s grip design is a premier choice for someone that needs their grip to be tacky all the time. Tourna Grip is a thin, .44mm overgrip that is meant to wrap over the original grip on a pickleball paddle. The company boasts of having the only grip that gets tackier the more you sweat— basically, it rewards you for playing hard. Not to mention that it’s the company sponsoring Tyson McGuffin, a professional pickleball player with multiple titles. Their signature light blue grip has gained a reputation for offering the best dry tac experience.

#2: Yonex: Yonex has some great options for overgrips, though mainly features smooth-feeling grips with less tackiness. If you’re someone who has a strong grip and doesn’t need the extra “stick” that tackier grips provide, Yonex overgrips may be the best choice for you. 

#3: Babolat: Babolat’s overgrips offer a great variety, featuring tacky gel grips and more smooth, comfort-based feels that are fit for someone who wants a simple texture instead of a tacky one. They also offer overgrips that add on a desirable level of thickness for those in need of a more robust overgrip.

#4: Franklin: Offering a simple but effective overgrip design, Franklin has a deluxe overgrip that was used by the world's No. 1 ranked pickleball pro, Ben Johns during his partnership with Franklin. If you want to have a thicker overgrip feel and a seamless finish in a smooth texture, Franklin has the answer for you.

#5: GAMMA: GAMMA offers several remarkable grip designs that are used widely to this day. Featuring all sorts of grips from honeycomb designs to gel grips and smooth overgrips, you’ll love the selections they offer. With a high level of tackiness, these grips will stay secure in your hand. GAMMA's Supreme Overgrip comes in a variety of neon colors or 'Stars & Stripes' designs so you can add a little fun and flair to your paddle.

#6: Wilson: Wilson, like GAMMA, Franklin, and Tourna, has several different grips to choose from. Their overgrips are durable, effective, and have a super-thin, high-stretch feel. You won’t have any unnecessary bulkiness on your grip if you want a more slender, dynamic feel. Bobby Keith, Fromuth Pickleball's Brand Manager, is a big fan of the Wilson Sensation. He loves the light, thin feel and the blend of Dry Tac, making it great at absorbing sweat while maintaining a bit of texture and tacky grip. It also doesn’t slip in his hands, which is a big plus for serious players.

#7. EcoGRIP: For those of you looking for an eco-friendly grip option, check out EcoGRIP. Their Hi-Tac pickleball grip has been tested by players in Las Vegas and is designed to stand up to hot and humid conditions. These biodegradable grips decompose safely into the soil within one year after changeout. EcoGRIP is chosen by Dekel Bar, a professional pickleball player and US Open Pickleball champion.

If you’re a pickleball player looking for the next best grip, Fromuth Pickleball has plenty of great choices that players have loved using for a long time. With these choices, you’ll have the great feel you’ve been looking for to enhance your game. Make the commitment today to investing in a stylish, fun grip that’ll help you stay competitive on the court.

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