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Everything You Need To Start Playing Pickleball

April 14, 2023

Getting everything you need to start playing pickleball guarantees you’ll have an enjoyable first experience playing America’s fastest-growing sport.

Pickleball is the biggest craze in the sporting world today. You will find people of all ages and athletic abilities on the court, proving that the game is for everyone. Like any other sport, you need the necessary equipment, attire, and footwear to perform to the best of your ability. We aim to show you everything you need to start playing pickleball so you can hit the courts today!

The Pickleball

You’ll have difficulty playing pickleball when you don’t have the ball. Ergo, a pickleball should be everyone’s initial purchase before playing the game. For those unfamiliar with the sport, pickleballs may look like Wiffle balls, and for those just starting, each ball may appear the same. Pickleballs, however, are unlike any other kind of ball and come in various indoor and outdoor varieties.

The number and size of the holes are the main distinguishing factors between indoor and outdoor pickleballs. Most outdoor balls have 40 holes which are smaller than their indoor counterparts, whereas the average number of holes in an indoor ball is 26. 

Balls vary in weight, hardness, texture, and longevity depending on climate and court surface factors. In short, indoor pickleballs have fewer holes and are lighter, whereas outdoor pickleballs are more robust to hold up on the harder outdoor courts. 

Finding Your Paddle

As enjoyable as it may be to catch a pickleball with your bare hands, it’s better to have a paddle to enjoy the game to the fullest of your capabilities. Of all the things you need to play pickleball, finding the best paddle that fits your needs is the most challenging task. 

Fortunately, we went into the deep details about selecting the best pickleball paddle, so you can check that out if you want the nitty-gritty. The detailed paddle guide breaks down the common shapes, surface areas, and grips that work well for players of all skill levels. But since you’re just starting out playing this fantastic game, it’s wise to stick with the basics.

Newcomers to a sport benefit from gear that helps compensate for their inexperience. A widebody pickleball paddle is a great starting option for newbies, considering it has the largest sweet spot. It may take a few matches before you feel confident in hitting the ball with precision, so a paddle that covers up these mistakes is a popular choice.

One drawback of using a widebody paddle is that it limits your ability to generate force. Yet, ferocity is secondary when you’re still learning the ropes. Beginners sometimes hit the ball excessively hard, so having a wider paddle might help them ease off a little.

Regarding the surface area, carbon fiber and graphite make the most sense. Carbon fiber favors the performance of white graphite and is kinder to your wallet. Since you are starting, you might lean towards making the decision benefitting you financially. A performance-first paddle is worth the investment as you improve and hone your skills. 

Crossing the Net
Pickleball, like many other racquet/paddle sports, is on a court with a net. A pickleball net is 36 inches high by 22 feet wide, with a slight droop in the middle of the net that gives you a few extra inches to hit it over. A pickleball net is six inches lower than a tennis net, so while you could play with a tennis net at the center court, you might find more difficulties than you would have imagined. 

It’s Gotta Be the Shoes
Now that you have the necessary equipment to begin your pickleball career, it’s time to focus on yourself and what’s on your feet. To a large extent, our performance on the court depends on footwear. At the core, your footwear protects you from injury, and choosing the wrong pair of kicks could be detrimental on the court. 
The most prevalent movement in pickleball is lateral. Generally, lateral movement in pickleball is constant, especially when you begin playing at a higher level. Injuries such as shin splints, rolled ankles, and stress fractures are the most common injuries picklers experience with improper footwear. 
Like the pickleballs, there are shoes specifically for indoors and outside. Court shoes are best indoors because they are better on hardwood surfaces. With flat soles and minimal treading, you will have impeccable lateral movement to dash all over the court. 
Tennis shoes are conducive for outdoor playing because they are resilient. Unfortunately, you gain durability but lose stamina thanks to the shoes’ weight. Tennis shoes are typically heavier than court shoes, which can be tiresome after a long session. 
The last important note about shoes is to avoid running shoes at all costs. The design for running shoes is strictly for forward mobility with no deviation to the side. Throwing on a pair of running shoes to play pickleball could lead to rolled ankles or a more severe injury. 

Fashionable & Dominant on the Court 
While there isn’t a uniform you wear when you play pickleball, there is pickleball attire that can improve your game. Wearing loose clothing is preferable so that you can move your arms and legs freely. Women will find that skirts are preferable over pants because they provide greater freedom of movement. Those who sweat profusely during a workout may also benefit from wearing tank tops.
Concerning perspiration, the definitive list of necessary pickleball gear also includes towels and sweatbands. Running the length of the court will work up a good sweat. When this occurs, you won’t believe the importance of having a towel handy. Sweatbands are another option for players who want to stay dry on the field.
We at Fromuth Pickleball are excited to provide you with all this quality equipment. We’re on a mission to spread the word about how much fun pickleball is. Because of our enthusiasm, we want to get the word out. 
So, when you get everything you need to start playing pickleball about trying out pickleball, you should check out our site. To help you raise your game to the next level, we provide high-caliber gear used by the elite. The proper equipment also gives the impression that you know what you’re doing. It will impress others that you tracked down every component required to participate in the game.
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